For these reasons they reject payday loans!

They rejected your payday loan again ! And since you’re a “good loser” you don’t want to be told no again and win the battle next time, right? If you are reading this we are sure that you are not one of those who blame the bank – or the intermediary! So to reward you

Myths about Financial Advisers | Debts

The advisor or bank or caisse has a duty of loyalty to his institution. He must favor the products and conclusions of his team’s studies if he wants to keep his job or receive bonuses. The advisor or planner belonging to an independent firm or not connected to a manufacturer of products has as patron

Increase mortgage costs

If you want to renovate your home or if your home needs major maintenance, raising your mortgage is one of the options for financing this. However, raising your mortgage entails the necessary costs. You can read about the costs that you incur in this article. Increase mortgage costs It depends on your mortgage and mortgage

Renting or buying: Which is cheap? | Loans

The Belgian is born with a brick in the stomach. That is at least the cliché. But is that claim still valid today? After all, traditional family patterns are increasingly making way for new forms of cohabitation. And the single life is also more popular than ever, which has an undeniable effect on our real

Comparing car insurance results in savings of 15 billion guilders

An analysis of 635 quotation requests for a car insurance policy that were requested through Lender shows that car owners can collectively save an estimated NLG 1.5 billion on their car insurance. On average 120 percent in difference in car insurance premiums The difference between the most expensive and cheapest insurer was NLG 1383 per