For these reasons they reject payday loans!

They rejected your payday loan again ! And since you’re a “good loser” you don’t want to be told no again and win the battle next time, right?

If you are reading this we are sure that you are not one of those who blame the bank – or the intermediary! So to reward you here I leave you the reasons why they reject you when you apply for a loan.

Because you DON’T pay on time

Because you DON

The main reason why a bank will reject you is for delaying payments. Remember that know everything and banks access this information before approving a payday loan.

The worst thing is that if your credit rating has already changed, even if you pay the next day, you will have to wait up to six months to become a loan candidate again, although the bad grade will already be as an antecedent in your file.

You have no credit history

You have no credit history

Another reason why they reject your request is because while you don’t have a good rating, you don’t have a bad one either. In other words: you don’t exist for the risk centers . You need to show an activity, however minimal, for banks to consider you as a loan candidate. As you demonstrate good payment behavior, the initial credit line will increase.

Eye! If you have a credit card, but do not use it, no record of your credit activity will appear. I recommend that you use it responsibly, at least six months, before encouraging yourself for a loan. This way you will have a credit history before the banks.

Your [email protected] has bad payment behavior

Your [email protected] has bad payment behavior

It’s not you, it’s who you married! Another reason why your loans are not approved is because your husband’s credit rating. In other words, if with whom you live in a marital partnership you have a bad payment behavior. And keep in mind that being “a society” is as if it were the same person.

Did you realize why banks keep telling you NO? Well, get down to work to improve the way they see you. This way you will be a step closer to being given the money you need so much.

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