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The Belgian is born with a brick in the stomach. That is at least the cliché. But is that claim still valid today? After all, traditional family patterns are increasingly making way for new forms of cohabitation.

And the single life is also more popular than ever, which has an undeniable effect on our real estate choices. Do you still have doubts about renting or buying? We have already listed the most important points for attention.

Don’t start an adventure


Buying a home is an important anchor in your life. Therefore always make a well-considered choice and do not embark on a brash adventure. The financing requires a long-term vision. Just think of your mortgage loan and the monthly installments.

Do you still have doubts about the near future in financial, private or professional terms? Then it might be better to wait a while. The house hunt can only start when you are really ready.

Renting: more flexibility, less power

Renting: more flexibility, less power

Renting or buying, it is primarily a personal matter. While the one prefers freedom and happiness, the other opts for security. Is flexibility the highest good for you? Then it is best to rent a property . These are the main advantages and disadvantages:

  • Renting is ideal for quick decision makers . The administrative hassle is negligible. Before you know it, you are in your new home!
  • Renting requires little commitment . A short-term lease is perfectly possible, and cancellation is quick in most cases.
  • The monthly rent is not a long-term investment . You pay nothing, so your money goes up in smoke.
  • You depend on the owner of the property. It may be that he decides to cancel the lease, although you are protected against unauthorized practices.

Buying property: the best long-term investment

Buying property: the best long-term investment

Investing in real estate remains one of the best long-term investments in our country. It is a smart investment that is not dependent on stock prices. Moreover, your monthly payments do not go up in smoke, but you are a full-fledged property owner at the end of the journey. Here are some other benefits:

  • Buying offers security. Owning your own home is the best apple for the thirsty.
  • You may be entitled to premiums or subsidies from the government.
  • It is your home. You can adjust everything the way you want.
  • Borrowing money is interesting for tax purposes.

Please note: buying a house is and remains a great commitment. Think carefully about it in advance and take out the necessary insurance policies. Thus, a balance insurance policy is a must. Would you like more information? Please contact us. We are ready for you!

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